‘They’re in tears’: Northumberland FA acts after abuse of young referees

Spectator abuse of referees has reached such proportions that the officials in one league this weekend staged a wildcat strike and if the bad behaviour continues then playing behind closed doors might be next. The football teams involved all play in an under-10s league and are officiated by younger referees, many of them aged 14-15. […]


How to design personalized and meaningful technology for older adults

More and more research suggests framing aging positively rather than focusing on problems. In her Ph.D. research on the department of Industrial Design Marjolein den Haan—Wintermans adhered to this positive design lens which resulted in concrete guidelines to come up with good technological solutions together with older adults thereby enriching more facets of an individual’s […]


Nasdaq receives Nordic power spot market licence, start date not set

Nasdaq (NDAQ.O) has received the right to operate in the Nordic day-ahead power market, it said late on Tuesday, after Swedish regulatory authorities issued the exchange operator a licence. The Nordic market comprises 15 individual bidding, or price, zones, and a daily auction determines a common system price as well as individual prices for each […]


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 and the Galaxy Buds Pro could be causing ear infections

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds Pro have received plenty of glowing reviews from critics and buyers alike, but it seems they may have issues not related to the quality of their sound. According to several reports, the earbuds are causing ear infections for some users. Android Central’s Chris Wedel writes that he experienced […]


Weirdest time traveller warnings – secret missions, mad cow disease and ‘John from 2036’

It’s a subject that has captured the imaginations of sci-fi fans and history buffs for years. Inspiring massive film franchises like Back to the Future and iconic TV series like Dr Who, time travel is a popular theme in fiction. But, outside of fiction and fantasy, there are a few people who claim to be […]