Mum in stitches at son’s “Chandler Bing” grin in school photo

Claire Southern burst out laughing when she was handed Jacob’s photograph from a teacher at Willows Primary School in Wythenshawe, Manchester on Tuesday

Official school photographs are a treasured commodity.

They can capture some hilarious moments – including the awkward moment one mum sent her daughter to school in the wrong outfit.

Now one mum was left in stitches over her son’s “Chandler Bing smile” on school photo day.

Five-year-old Jacob made sure to show off all of his teeth for his first-ever year one school photos.

Mum Claire, 33, couldn’t help but notice her son’s resemblance to Friends character, Chandler Bing who is known for pulling an awkward face when smiling.

The craft business owner shared Jacob’s comical grimace photo on Facebook to entertain other parents.

She wrote: “I don’t usually buy school photos, but this has cheered me up so much today.

“Definitely one for his 18th.”

The mum said: “Yesterday was our first day out of isolation as we have all had Covid so to say it cheered us all up would be an understatement.

“Jacob came out of school chuffed to bits with his photo. We could see his teacher laughing at the door so I knew it was going to be a funny one and when he handed it over to myself and his nanna, we just burst out laughing.

“Our first thought was Chandler Bing from Friends.

Claire added: “We still aren’t sure if he is terrified in the photo as it’s his first-ever school one, or if he is genuinely giving his best grin.

“He is usually an extremely cheeky little boy and has been known for his dirty grins in the past.

“We don’t ever buy school pictures as they can be quite pricey, but this one is getting framed on the mantelpiece and definitely one to keep for his 18th.”

Her post has received over 5,600 likes and more than 400 comments from group members who thought Jacob’s school photo was hilarious.

One parent said: “Sometimes they are so funny, it’s better to keep and have it as a funny memory.

“My son had one a couple of years ago and it looked like he stroked out as they took the photo, I kept it because it made us laugh so much.”

Another wrote: “These threads and pics are my favourites, absolutely hilarious.

“My middle son’s school photos somehow always manage to look nothing at all like him. I’m not even sure how that’s possible, it’s every single time. I always buy them anyway.”

One social media user added: “I refused to buy my daughters. I’d spend ages making her hair look lovely only for her to pull it all out and pull a shocking face.

“Looking back I should have bought it but back then I was in quite a stressful place and I didn’t see the funny side. Love that you have kept it for a memory, so funny.”

Another commented: “I know the photographers see 100’s of kids in a day, but they are supposed to be ‘photographers’.

“I honestly don’t get why they would even send these home, other than for us parents to have a laugh at, but it doesn’t make them look very professional. I do love your cuties, but I wonder about the ‘profession’.”