Hotel worker says you should avoid the complimentary breakfast at all costs

In a viral Tik Tok warning, the former hotel worker said that budget accommodation will cut corners wherever possible – and that the food served is made in a dirty kitchen and comprises of cheap ingredients

A former hotel worker has lifted the lid on budget accommodation kitchens – and said that you should avoid the full English at all costs.

Brandi Augustus, who posts on TikTok as @brandiaugustus, claims to have worked at several hotels and said that the kitchens in budget chains are the worst.

She said that corners are cut when it comes to cleaning, and that staff “don’t give a s**t” about the free fried breakfast that is offered by many hotels, as Birmingham Live reports.

She said ingredients get reused and cooking equipment isn’t properly cleaned, but instead is just wiped down each day – leaving the dirt and grime to build up.

In her video, Brandi said: “I don’t know how to say this without being attacked by people in the industry… if your hotel serves the hot continental breakfast, eggs, waffles stuff like that, don’t eat that s***.

“That waffle batter gets reused until it starts to smell like beer.”

Another gross thing Brandi recalled was being told by a manager to only use a single paper towel “to clean everything all night”.

She explains: “He said it was environmentally friendly instead of using a rag or a sponge or even mostly paper towels to clean things like bowls, spatulas, the tables.”

Brandi says if you do want to stay somewhere and eat breakfast, make sure the hotel employs a proper chef and has a hygienic kitchen.

“I’m just trying to save y’all a headache,” she adds.

The video was watched more than 400,000 times since Brandi uploaded it on Thursday, November 4, and it proved to be a controversial topic in the comments.

One viewer said: “I have worked in the food industry for over 12 years. Mostly worked as a morning hotel chef or manager. The buffet eggs are a no-go.”

A second person, who claimed to work for a popular hotel, commented: “Stick to the prepackaged foods, also check the room before you bring luggage in.”

Not put off by the video, another person wrote: “Girl it’s free bye.”